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Streaming movies and TV shows on your mobile device are visually convenient, but there are times when streaming is not an option. If you’re going somewhere that doesn’t have Wi-Fi like a plane or a remote cabin in the woods, you want to plan ahead by downloading the video to your phone or tablet beforehand.

Amazon makes it possible to download content so that you can watch it offline, but there are cavities. You cannot download to a computer, for example – downloads are only allowed for mobile applications. This means that you cannot store Amazon Prime Video on a laptop. And even on your phone or tablet, not everything can be downloaded.




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How to download an Amazon Prime video on a phone or tablet

Step 1

First of all, you will need a subscription to Amazon Prime. In addition, you will need the Prime Video app, which means that you will need a compatible Fire, Android or iOS device. Once installed, launch the app and sign in to your Amazon Prime account.

Step 2:

Next, select a movie or show that you want to download and open the video description. Note that not all videos are available for download, and you can only download content if you are in certain regions (for example, the U.S.). Once you have selected a movie or show, tap the download button – for the show, you can also download individual episodes.

step 3:

If your phone has an SD card, you will be asked to decide if you want to download the video to it or use your phone’s internal storage. Keep in mind that video files can be quite large, so if possible, you may want to install an SD card. SanDisk launched only one that holds a terabyte of data – which is a lot of entertainment.

step 4:

Next, choose the video quality you want. High quality, large file size. Tap on Start Download.





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